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The project required collaborating with scientist Peter Boutsalis, and scientist/farmer David Brunton, who were integral in the development of the app, to create short videos explaining their involvement and the product’s functionality and benefits.  Accompanying profile photos of each participant was also required for print and online marketing campaigns.



Shot on-farm in regional Victoria, and on-campus at the University of Adelaide, Cormac Creative Studios produced two 2-minute videos capturing the ‘why’ behind the app and succinctly explaining its benefits to users.  Photos and videos from the engagement were used to promote the app that helps farmers and agronomists identify weeds and ultimately make better herbicide treatment decisions.

Queen Victoria Market

Otway Wine Collective

Xarvio helps farmers make better decisions


Cormac Creative Studios was engaged by GDJ, an advertising agency working on behalf of global chemical company, BASF, to produce a series of videos and photos to promote the release of Xarvio, an app that helps farmers identify weeds and make informed herbicide application decisions.  

BASF Xarvio App project

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