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James wanted a video for the front page of the website that told the story of the seasons and subtly underscored his organic approach by emphasising the insects and animals that thrive beneath the vines.   


In the winery, still photography focussed on the movement of fruit through stages of production with emphasis on the simplicity of process and proximity of the winemaker to the product.  


Visitors to the HEROES Vineyard website are met with a full-screen view of life among the vines.  As the video cycles through the seasons the viewer encounters webs glistening with winter dew, bright autumn leaves swaying in a breeze, lambs and ewes wandering between rows of bare vines, and swathes of insects rising from long summer grass. The video continues into the winery where juice fills vats as grapes are pressed and is a meditative study of how a small organic winery produces its product.


Photographs of crushed grapes being shovelled into a press, fresh juice splashing over the bottom of a stainless-steel vat, and juice-stained hands perfectly complement the winery’s minimalist approach to making a quality product.

Invercarron Pastoral

HEROES Vineyard makes organic wine with minimal intervention

“Cormac Creative Studios worked hard to bring my vision to life with wonderful imagery that I feel really captures who we are in a way that I’m comfortable with.  I’m proud of what we do and protective of how we’re portrayed and am really pleased with the results and the working relationship and look forward to carrying it on.”

James Thomas

Owner, HEROES Vineyard


HEROES Vineyard owner and winemaker, James Thomas, is dedicated to small scale organic grape growing and minimal intervention wine making in the hinterland of the Otway Ranges, Victoria.


The brand’s name is an ironic gesture to the cult of celebrity that has permeated wine and hospitality industry. James actively avoids the spotlight and required imagery to emphasise the small scale hands-on nature of his wine making and grass-roots approach to producing small batches of high-quality wine, while featuring only a bare minimum of people and faces.

HEROES Vineyard
Video and photography project

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