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To better inform the public about the unique recreation opportunities in State Forests, the department required a suite of images promoting leisure activities from several locations across the central, central west and southwest districts of Victoria.


Shot across picnic sites, nature trails and beauty spots in the Otway ranges, Loddon, Mallee and Grampians regions, the department now has a library of high-quality images to help drive visitation by raising awareness of facilities and permitted activities in Victorian State Forests.

Zoos Victoria - Events

Conservation Regulator - IWD

Victorian state forests offer unique recreation opportunities

“Cormac provided excellent guidance to help us bring this project to life.  He walked us through the planning and goal setting stages to ensure we went into the shoot with clear objectives, which we were able to cover across multiple locations thanks to his thorough preparation, directions to talent, and experience working in the field. The shoot was a great success, and the photos are widely used throughout the department. We look forward to working with Cormac again to continue encouraging people to visit and enjoy our forests and facilities.”

Alex Lines

Forest Assets Planning Officer, DEECA


Among many other areas of responsibility, the Department of Environment, Energy and Climate Action manages parks, reserves, state forests, waterways, and coastal and marine environments across Victoria.

Department of Environment, Energy and Climate Action

State forest recreation project

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