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Kinross Farms engaged advertising agency GDJ, who in turned collaborated with Cormac Creative Studios, to help create a series of photo and video assets to help showcase the company’s story, products, investment in technology, and commitment to raising healthy happy hens. 



A brand video telling the Kinross story and a series of photos of healthy happy free-range hens were the primary outputs.  These key assets are used by company CEO in meetings with major supermarket chains and retail brands to demonstrate Kinross Farms as a leader in the field of egg production.  Other assets included short videos explaining different products such as Liquid Egg, Scrambled Egg, and Egg Whites which are supplied in bulk to food manufacturers.

Conservation Regulator - IWD

Catholic Development Fund

Kinross Farms produces over a million eggs a day


Kinross Farms is a family-owned business producing quality eggs for over fifty years.  From humble beginnings started by post-war immigrants from Hungary, Kinross Farms now has over 700,000 free range hens and is one of the biggest egg produces in the country.  

Kinross Farms brand and products project

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