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The market required a one-minute ‘feel good’ video introducing Karen as the new ambassador and articulating the reasons why she prefers to shop at markets, plus six 15-25 second videos featuring Karen talking about unique seasonal products and interesting vendors.

All seven videos were to be optimised for distribution on the market’s website and social media accounts.


Cormac Creative Studios provided the market with a selection of videos they could use in both the short and long term that spoke to the unique brand of the Queen Victoria Market.

With limited experience producing video content, the market relied heavily on Cormac to guide them through the process from beginning to end.

On shoot-day, Cormac arrived with an agile team adept at getting through a heavy workload in a busy market environment, and then worked closely with market management in post-production to get the edit of multiple deliverables just right.

GDJ - Marcus Oldham Alumni

BASF Xarvio Scouting

Queen Victoria Market is Melbourne's premiere retail market and one of the city's major historical and cultural landmarks

“Cormac Creative Studios was fantastic to work with on this project and we are so happy with the result. We worked closely through all stages and they guided us through the whole process and made sure the production ran smoothly from beginning to end. They provided crucial advice during pre-production planning and delivered excellent results in the edit. They were great with the talent and stall holders, navigating the complex market environment seamlessly for a great result.”

Lisa Valerdo

Assistant Marketing Manager, QVM


With big brand supermarket chains dominating the Australian retail landscape, it’s vital for the market to focus on its unique qualities. 

To celebrate the appointment of celebrity chef, Karen Martini, as the Market’s ambassador, Cormac Creative Studios was engaged to produce video content featuring Karen, encouraging people to experience the difference of shopping at the market.

Queen Victoria Market
Ambassador Project

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