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The estate’s 17 wines are split into two categories, rare and annual, and each needed to be pictured alongside an item reflected in its flavour profile. 


Images from the winery were taken during vintage and needed to convey a richness of texture and tone, emphasising natural elements of fruit, juice, and oak.  


Cognisant of the exclusivity of the label’s members-only allocation list, Liam called for dark, moody images to subtly support the estate’s reputation as a hidden secret and creator of luxury products for the lucky few. 


A unique studio set was created for each wine category. Ancient Huon Pine boards formed the basis of the annual wines, while marble and polished concrete combined to form a dark and moody set for the rare wines. For both sets, each wine was accompanied with elements specific to its flavour palette. 


The resulting library of finely crafted images, combined with a low-key marketing approach, enables Wild Duck Creek Estate to enhance its reputation as a hidden secret, known by a select and loyal group of customers who appreciate high quality wines expressing the vintage, the land, and exceptional winemaking.

Riordan  Grain Services

Wild Duck Creek Estate is becoming a luxury brand

"I’ve worked with Cormac and his creative studio for over three years, and it’s been a great experience and very collaborative. We work together through concepts and ideas, and they’ve helped to articulate and define the style of imagery we want to lead the brand.  It’s been great and I look forward to continuing the partnership."

Liam Anderson

Managing Director, Wild Duck Creek Estate


Wild Duck Creek Estate is an established, family-owned vineyard and winery in Heathcote, Victoria, that makes high-quality, highly sought after wines sold around Australia and the world.  


Owner and winemaker Liam Anderson required a suite of images from vintage to finished product to showcase on a new website. 

Wild Duck Creek Estate
Image library project

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