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Catholic Development Fund

MACS is an aged care facility that values diversity, dignity and integrity

“The photos we received were absolutely fantastic and truly captured the life and vitality of the residents.  Importantly, the execution was carried out with care and compassion, and with the residents’ well-being front of mind.  The environment created for the shoot was one that allowed them to feel at ease to express themselves, resulting in a suite of beautiful portraits that became central to the marketing campaign.”

Meg Jones

Creative Director, Chatterbox Media


MACS is an aged care facility with diversity, dignity, respect, and empowerment at the heart of their service. With strong competition from other providers, MACS engaged Chatterbox Marketing to help raise their profile, who in turn engaged Cormac Creative Studios for the crucial photography that would lead the campaign.

Multicultural Aged Care Services
Outdoor advertising photography


With the individual at the heart of their services, it was only natural that residents should be front and centre of a campaign.


The brief required a suite of portraits of residents capturing their vitality and character and emphasising a vibrancy of life in the culturally diverse MACS community. 


By bringing a portable photography studio into the facility Cormac Creative Studios was able to create a series of powerful, dignified, and positive images while ensuring residents felt safe, secure, and supported. 


The images become the anchor for widespread outdoor advertising and perfectly complimented the campaign tagline, ‘putting a twinkle in your wrinkle’ 

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