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Four videos and accompanying photos were to be produced covering the Regulator’s key operational areas of wildlife, firewood collection, timber harvesting, and public land use.  Each video was to feature the Regulator’s Authorised Officers outlining various rules and regulations overlaid with footage of officers interacting with the public in the relevant area of operation. A fifth ‘About Us’ video explaining the Regulator’s overall role in educating the public and protecting the state’s natural resources through patrols and enforcement was also required.  



Over several months Cormac Creative Studios worked closely with key Conservation Regulator personnel to develop scripts and production schedules to create a suite of five videos and accompanying photography that are an important resource to educate the public about regulations necessary to help protect Victoria’s natural resources and biodiversity.  

Conservation Regulator protects Victoria's natural resources


The Conservation Regulator helps protect natural resources and biodiversity by enforcing laws and regulations regarding wildlife, forest, and public land use in Victoria. 


To help inform the public of their obligations when interacting with Victoria’s natural resources the Regulator required a suite of videos and photos explaining how the state’s rules and regulations are applied in their specific areas of operation.  

Office of the Conservation Regulator
Photo and video library project

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